SHAGMAN – ‘It’s OK If You’re Gay’

Press Release 10/12/21 for
SHAGMAN – ‘It’s OK if you’re Gay’

Ruckus Records in association with Shag Productions, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA, is proud to announce the worldwide release of SHAGMANS latest single, ‘It’s OK if you’re Gay’. The follow up single to the song released in mid 2020, written during the lockdowns, ‘Isolated with You’

‘It’s OK if you’re Gay’ was written after former Australian career politician, PM Malcom Turnbull, wasted 122 million of our dollars, on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, a national survey designed to gauge support for legalising same-sex marriage in Australia. Which was held via the postal service between 12 September and 7 November 2017.

‘It’s OK if you’re Gay’ is basically saying, if you’re gay, no one cares, most people couldn’t give a shit. There are bigger things to worry about. It’s really a tribute to the Gay community. A song that supports gay pride, gay rights, gay times. SHAGMAN’S behind the gay community, embracing and respecting it 100%. SHAGMAN loves dykes on bikes.

The way the song is written, it could be about men or women, we didn’t specify what gender it was about, but it is tending more towards men, with the vocals added by a second vocalist.

Spokesperson for the gay community, gay icon, gay clubber, a unique character from the greater Waikato, NZ, named Brycey.

Brycey used to call up The Morning Rumble breakfast show on The Rock Radio Network, NZ back in the day and talk about his adventures with his … ‘friends’. He did have a soft spot, or indeed a hard spot for ROGER, the shows anchor . Sometimes he’d be caller six, other times he’d be caller nine. Six and nine, two of Bryceys favourite numbers. I was lucky enough to track down Brycey, he didn’t mind the fact that I’d interrupted him, sucking on a sausage, as he was, ahh, having lunch and he was more than happy to bend over back, ahh bend over forwards, ahh he was happy to lend his large, throbbing, ample, in demand, ahh.. vocal chords to this track, my new release, Brycey agreed that it’s always very nice when we have a ‘new release’, indeed a release of any kind.

So when you hear the song, if you’re from NZ you may remember Brycey, or you may hear him for the very first time.

Either way, we know you’ll love the track and Brycey. He’s very likeable.

As with most of Shagmans songs, it does carry an R rating. There is no swearing in this track though, just innuendo. Lyrics may offend and there is a free ringtone of the song, available for download from the ringtone page on the website, The

So check out Shagmans brand new single ‘It’s OK if you’re Gay’ available everywhere to stream and download from DEC 10, 2021.

Thank you