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The Shagman (AKA Mike Shanahan) has been writing and performing his original, dry, witty, cheeky style of comedy since 2002. The Shagman’s stand up routine has been described as different, very funny, and a whole new take on comedy.

The Shagman’s comedy (and Virgin Blue and Toyota) have taken him to Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, throughout QLD, and some other areas to fantastic responses (sometimes from the audience).

The Shagman has been the support act for many top comics including George Smilivich, the late Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, the late Dave Grant, Lindsay Webb, Shelley Plunket, Michael Bennett, Rob Brown, and Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson on the Jackos Woodstock Comedy Tour.

The Shagman - Mike's bio
The Shagman - Mike's bio

A former radio personality hosting the ‘Shaggis Show’ broadcast between 1994-1998 on The Rock Network, New Zealand, The Shagman continues to perform his stand up and has released a range of comedy EPs and singles. Check out The Shagman’s content for both paid and free downloads.

During The Shagman’s time in commercial radio, his show was very funny and entertaining. People would gather around the radio at 7pm, like it was 1940 (before TV) all over again, to hear The Shagman—some to laugh, some to complain, but all for the same reason: to hear what The Shagman would say next. Tapes (yes, tapes) of “The Shaggis Show” found their way to Europe and America (and unfortunately some to management).

A little trivia about The Shagman:

  • He was the first radio personality in New Zealand (and possibly the entire world) to play Kevin Bloody Wilson songs on the radio
  • In the late 1990s, he moved from New Zealand to Australia
  • He currently lives in Brisbane
  • The Shagman was born on October 20 1971 in Auckland, NZ, and shares a birthday with the late Tom Petty (from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and Danni Minogue (from Danni Minogue)
  • Keep checking in to as we continue uploading more audio/video/photos
The Shagman - Mike's bio

Gigs Events, Meet-ups, & Shows

Performed at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival with the ‘Fourplay’ comedy group of 5 comedians (2008)

Currently performing his routine in QLD and around Australia

The Shagman live shows coming soon. Watch this space!
The Shagman - Gigs
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